mardi 23 février 2010


So here is a look with my new Sonia Rykiel outfit.I didn't want something too colorful , so I chose to make it as a black and white picture, with a really bold look in order to tone down the strass.
I paired the strassed sweater with a high waisted skirt and Sonia Rykiel knitted leggings...The cherry on top my hat ^^

lundi 15 février 2010


So here is a post with the dress..I know that the weather is not appropriate for these type of dresses now but as I was cleaning my room I found it under a big sweater..And I thought why not create a bright look to color our days and fight a little bit this sad winter season.
(Honestly I think I just had enough of the cold already :X )
Anyway to finish about this dress I found it in a store during the sales last summer, I have been going around this dress all the spring and I was hoping it would still be there during the sales..And thanks to God I found it, not in green as I wanted but in blue and finally I think I like it better this way :)
I also bought the same dress in a much longer lenght in green this time and its just perfect to go to the beach ^^ But we will talk about this one when the weather will be better.
See you then! Have a nice day ;)

mardi 2 février 2010

back from school

Today was just OK...I had school at 1pm, but as I left I completely forgot my take-home exam so I had to go back home...again :( I hate it when I forget things, especially when they imply running back home in this cold weather. Then I went to the coffee shop, and got a coffee..I love coffee's it keeps me concentrated during my studies..Tomorrow I have a history test..its gonna be a sad day.ha ha

lundi 1 février 2010

A breath of fresh air

These are my favorite perfume at the moment..I have wanted them for so long, and my parents gave me them for Christmas , I was so happy .lol.

So here they are the first one is Daisy by Marc Jacobs ( I love the bottle and so does my mum ) its strange I didn't even smelled it but I knew I would like it.
And then there is Coco Mademoiselle, I love it too especially the smell of roses...hmm :)

I love latte

If there is one drink really love I would say my boyfriend's latte :)
It's so delicious and tasty and most of all light....I would never get enough of them <3>